Telling the truth and urgent action


I just read a confronting article – one of many that swim through our social media feeds on a daily basis. This is not easy for those of us who know what’s at stake. And as this news and the impacts continue to come thick and fast please take care of yourselves and those in your networks.

The article I read is here
Specifically this piece: 
“We know that CO2 concentrations have risen from pre-industrial levels of 280 parts per million (ppm) to approximately 410 ppm today, the highest recorded in at least three million years. Without major mitigation efforts, we are likely to reach 560 ppm by around 2060.


When the IPCC’s fifth assessment report was published in 2013, it estimated that such a doubling of CO2 was likely to produce warming within the range of 1.5 to 4.5°C as the Earth reaches a new equilibrium. However, preliminary estimates calculated from the latest global climate models (being used in the current IPCC assessment, due out in 2021) are far higher than with the previous generation of models. Early reports are predicting that a doubling of CO2 may in fact produce between 2.8 and 5.8°C of warming. Incredibly, at least eight of the latest models produced by leading research centres in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and France are showing climate sensitivity of 5°C or warmer.”

This kind of warming (which we are on track for given the refusal of Governments and Businesses to urgently and drastically decrease emissions) will have consequences so far reaching for human and eco system health and stability.  Food production, oxygen generation from oceans and forests…. this is runaway climatic disruption.  It is imperative and urgent that we find ways to tell the truth about this (as demanded by the Extinction Rebellion movement) and do everything we can to reduce emissions. We must turn this around.
Western Australia’s current plan to expand fossil fuel exports and production to 13% of global emissions by 2030 is on our watch.  Join the global strike on 20th September and bring your workplaces and communities.  Ensure you are putting in your submissions for the EPA (EDO WA and CCWA have briefing papers to support people in putting in their submissions) and the Climate and Health Public Inquiry (you can also attend public hearings). We must be supporting those on the front lines prioritising First Nations as they continue to be colonised by racist and oppressive systems and policies, extractive industries, well meaning ‘solutions’ and climate disruption.
We need to provide material support for those on the front lines as they deal with the impacts, whether that’s emergency response, advocacy and lobbying to ensure those already marginalised and in poverty are given effective assistance (and co-design the solutions/responses), supporting the make renting fair campaign or raising newstart (it’s all connected).
What else? You could join Extinction Rebellion on 15th August as they declare rebellion (training here in prep for those who want it and are able) or attend one of their weekly meetings to find out more. Stand in solidarity with the coal and gas workers who are facing disruption (without clear and funded transition plans) and call on governments to ensure those profiting from the pollution their companies produce are paying their fair share and funding the transition to zero emissions (not just offering false solutions and green-washing themselves).
We all have a role in this.
In solidarity
Climate Justice Organiser – It’s Up 2 Us

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