Sustainable Health Review

Kaya (hello) all,

We have finally seen the release (and endorsement of) the Sustainable Health Review’s final report.

Together with the announcement of a Public Health Inquiry into the impacts of climate change on health in WA (including mitigation, adaptation and systemic risks) and the release of the Sustainable Health Report which calls for the health system to mitigate emissions (and waste) and adapt to the impacts of climate change we have seen some great progress in setting an agenda to address climate change as a systemic risk to the health of our population.

Now is the time for us to turn this into real and tangible action, courageous in scope and unrelenting in urgency.

As we know great reports (and their associated intentions) can either catalyse change or act as wonderful paper weights…. it’s our role as advocates and change agents in this space to ensure it’s real change that is delivered, commensurate with the climate crisis we face.

The report released can be read here:
As expected it’s a large report with a lot of detail. If you want to get a snapshot (specifically relating to climate mitigation/adaptation) we recommend reading the forward and executive summary followed by pages 62-63.

The media release from Minister Cook can be found here:

The media release announcing the Chief Health Officer’s Inquiry into the impacts of climate change on health in Western Australia, conducted by the State’s former Chief Health Officer, Professor Tarun Weeramanthri can be found:

Information about the Public Inquiry into Climate and Health in WA can be found here along with contact information and in time details about the consultation process:

Huge appreciation to the tireless work of climate and health advocates, Drs for the Environment, climate justice organisers and others who have spoken up when difficult and persisted. This isn’t finished, however we have the beginnings of a new story here in WA.

In solidarity

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