It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I had the space and time to write in this blog.  I have been up to lots, and will share some of that in coming weeks.  However I just came across this article and wanted to share it.  It is a summary of some thoughts on the IPCC process from a climate science writer David Spratt. It highlights the urgency we face, some of the problems inherent within the IPCC process and the challenges climate scientists are facing – ‘to be pragmatic or not listened to’.

Having just spent almost a year working within a policy framework dealing with climate and health I really hear that conflict that scientists are experiencing.  I think it’s a challenge all of us working on the frontline of climate change are dealing with. At times in meetings with senior department of health folk I just wanted to scream.  Time and time again I had to talk myself down from being that ‘hysterical woman’ so as to avoid being sidelined (not heard). And yet surely with bushfires in winter and NSW in drought, the political bs at a federal level and so little leadership in traditional settings now is the time to scream…

As always there is much to be done.  I’ll be wrapping up some recent projects and will share more here along with plans for the future of It’s Up 2 Us.  For now, have a read of David’s work, I’d love to hear any comments.

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