Post Paris – a new reality?

I’ve just started back after a few weeks away and after an epic few months as one of the key organisers for the Perth Climate March – the largest rally for the climate Perth has seen ūüôā – and I’m doing some planning about where to focus my efforts and how to work effectively throughout 2016.

I was in a meeting today with a colleague (it was a wonderful meeting, in the park whilst my 10 month old enjoyed her first ever figs and the local swings) and he shared something interesting. ¬†He attended the Paris negotiations where an ‘historic agreement’ signaled the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel age.¬† Within a few days the WA Government was spruiking WA as ‘The Place’ to invest in fossil fuel projects, and just a week ago there was the announcement of a new gas field just south of Geraldton. ¬†We reflected on this¬†conflict.

It’s as though we have 2 realities co-existing, however with¬†the fires that have ravaged our South West¬†it’s clear which reality needs to win out – and that’s where I’ll turn my attention in 2016.

I’m going to be focusing on 2 main strands in the first part of the year: continuing¬†the coalition building that happened with the People’s Climate March to expand the diversity of the ‘Climate Movement’ in WA and increase the movements¬†effectiveness in bringing about a just transition and to be a thorn in the side of the fossil fuel industry and it’s allies.

It’s going to be a big year.

If you’re wondering how best to utilise your skills in 2016 get in touch. ¬†If you have time and energy to offer get in touch and if you want to know more – well you know, get in touch.

If you’re able to contribute financially to my work in 2016 you can donate here¬†where all donations are tax deductible. ¬†You’re able to donate monthly or as a one off. ¬†I’m looking to raise $25,000 for my work in 2016 – every dollar helps.

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