Everything is going to change

Over Christmas I read Naomi Klein’s new book ‘This changes everything’ and I then went on to purchase another 8 copies and shared them with fellow campaigners and activists.

It’s an excellent book and Naomi Klein has done a tremendous job in weaving together issues of environment, inequality, trade, nuclear, good security and so much more into a comprehensible and inspiring narrative.

It’s worth a read.

As a taster check out this article, which includes news on a Climate change series being ran by The Guardian and a 10 minute video of the upcoming documentary entitled ‘This Changes Everything’ narrated by Naomi Klein.

It’s inspiring and being on maternity leave, with my 2 week old gives me hope for what our future could hold…. But as Naomi says in the video, ‘everything will change but the nature of that change for a brief moment is still up to us…’

Let us rise up and meet the challenge… For me, my daughter is worth it. What’s your inspiration?

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