This is what effective climate action looks like…


It’s been a full couple of days and I’m sat here at home inspired, a little tired but ultimately overwhelmed by the level of excitement, engagement and effectiveness of our climate movement.

So yes, any of us that know what needs to be done are still left wanting more and freaked out by the size of the journey we have to make, but I want to take a moment to reflect on just the last couple of days and the impact we’re making and the progress we can see.

Yesterday a small but determined group of us spent the morning in court.  We were there to support the courageous actions of Cathy and Trish who were arrested and charged with trespass after calling on Buru Energy to cease their destructive fracking projects in the Kimberley.  In solidarity with communities in the Kimberley and The Pacific Climate Warriors they took their actions (alongside a large supportive team) as part of the rolling national actions taking the fight of the warriors direct to the fossil fuel companies and their financiers.  The support they have received from their community far and wide has demonstrated that people see the need for civil disobedience and are willing to support it.

The magistrate acknowledged Cathy and Trish’s exemplary records and good standing in the community and they were sentenced to a 3 month good behaviour bond, spent convictions and $79 court costs.  Their good behaviour will be continuing to engage in the actions we need for a just and safe climate 🙂

This is Trish showing the appeals, reports and assesments she’s personally participated in and the 100% renewable plans ready to be implemented right now:


Today has seen shareholder action in various parts of the country with people attending the AGM of Commonwealth bank and folks in Perth attending the Aurizon AGM. No longer can it be said that these companies are not being held to account.  They may not yet be listening to or addressing climate risk sufficiently but they are having to speak about the subjects we want them to address, they are writing reports trying to distract our concerns and challenges and are failing miserably.


I’ve met with campaigners over the last couple of days to solidify how we’re going to thoroughly defeat the fracking industry and ensure we get on track for a renewable future in WA.  Each week more and more people come on board, start working together, realise the craziness of the industry’s plans and commit to re-writing our States future.

And then I check my emails and I’m flooded by action, activity and announcements, like this one:

“Faith leaders from across the religious spectrum have issued a joint call for G20 leaders to act on climate change, end fossil fuel subsidies and rapidly transition to a low carbon economy.

Clergy and leaders from Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Indigenous communities held a press conference in a Brisbane church close to where G20 leaders are meeting.

Organised by the multi-faith Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), they are calling on country representatives to recognise the clear connection between economics and climate.

Strong words from Australian Religious Response to Climate Change at G20 Press Conference video

Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black from the Leo Baeck Centre said “the fossil fuel industry is the problem” and “4/5ths of identified fossil fuel need to stay ion the ground” other leaders called for an “end of subsidies to fossil fuel companies””

And the actions of AYCC at Peabody’s G20 sponsorship event:

We had youth organisations from 19 of the G20 countries sign an open letter calling on world leaders to listen to the voice of young people over the coal lobby. The full letter and list of 100+ country signatories is at
AYCC then rocked up at Peabody’s sponsored event at the G20 Global Cafe and ran a bit of a counter-PR campaign!
Eight courageous young people stood up and interrupted the sponsored speech of Peabody’s COO.  They finished with the line ‘Peabody Energy we don’t want your coal, you don’t belong at the G20’ before being escorted out by security.
It was also incredibly inspiring to have 6 people from the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, who had travelled as far as from Darwin and Mildura, to make sure climate justice was front and centre.
Check out AYCC’s video ‘Sh*t the Coal Lobby Says’ here.

And the announcement fresh out of China and the US.  Event the Pope’s weighing in telling Tony Abbott and the G20 to do the right thing on Climate, rampant consumerism and refugees.

So hell yeah we have a long way to go, but from my living room in Perth is doesn’t seem impossible and right now I’m truly inspired by my colleagues and collaborators, near and far who are making a difference and having an impact.

My work as a climate campaigner is funded solely by the community.  To make a contribution please go to this link

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