Monthly Archives: November 2014

This is what effective climate action looks like…

It’s been a full couple of days and I’m sat here at home inspired, a little tired but ultimately overwhelmed by the level of excitement, engagement and effectiveness of our climate movement. So yes, any of us that know what needs to be done are still left wanting more and freaked out by the size […]

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Dear Premier Campbell Newman and Prime Minister Tony Abbott

A letter from a colleague in India to our Political Leaders: The Hon Campbell Newman MP The Premier of Queensland Brisbane, Australia Copy with complements to The Hon Tony Abbott MP Prime Minister of Australia, Canberra Dated, 5rd November, 2014 Dear Mr. Newman, Greetings from Mysore, India. May I draw your team attention to a […]

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Is a transformational shift just around the corner?

We won’t know until we have the luxury of hindsight which campaigns, conversations and activities were the ones to place us on the path to a safe climate future. ¬†We won’t know for years, perhaps even decades where the turning points were and whether our actions contributed. ¬†However sitting right here, where our Prime Minister […]

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