What will it take to create the change we wish to see?


During recent months I’ve been training in Climate Campaigning and Community Organising with The Change Agency.  It’s been an interesting few months and fantastic to develop skills and theory around what’s previously been intuitive.

To create the change we need in bringing about a safe climate future (and a just world) we have no other option than a large scale, grassroots led civil society movement.  What do I mean by that, and why is that my assertion?

Our political and legislative system is currently dictated by an old world view.  Our legal and governance systems were created during a time when our impact on the natural ecosytems of the world were not fully understood or taken into consideration.  We know Indigenous People’s have understood these connections for millennium however they weren’t writing the laws or creating the governance systems now in place.  Our systems have been created to protect property, facilitate trade and maintain the power of a few.

The solutions to our current challenges are not going to be found in the systems and structures that have created them or in the worldview that previously made sense (to some).

So whilst ‘engaging with the system’ is still important we need to build power in our communities, create alternative and new systems where possible and restore (or create for the first time) real democratic processes.  When lobbyists have more say than millions of ‘citizens’ we are not using the power we have at our disposal.

Building that grassroots movement is taking time, and thousands if not millions of people around the world have been working at this for years.  We don’t know when the tipping point for the movement will come however we know it will only come when enough of us take enough ‘right actions’ applying pressure where it’s needed.

We are going to need a mass increase in civil disobedience.  The system gets to continue because we as a community and society are compliant and obedient to it.  I’m working with a fantastic group of passionate folk to organise nonviolent direct action training in August.

We’re going to need people out knocking on doors and talking to folks in the streets.  We’re going to need people like you and me to take our activism offline and into the homes and businesses around us.

We need to find the connections between different issues and speak for a just and safe world.

This is already happening in our communities, if you can’t see it, go out and find it, and if you can’t find it then get creating.

In recent weeks I’ve led numerous community events highlighting the maths of climate change, encouraging people to divest personally and collectively.  I’ve participated in various training programs and led training for campaigners looking at how we can increase our effectiveness and collaborate.  We’ve begun exploring how we can create and enforce our own laws democratically within communities and this weekend we’re taking folk up to see the progress the fracking industry has made north of Perth.

On 24th July we’re hosting an info evening for people wanting to get involved in the movement particularly around Gas Fracking in WA and we’re working with people across WA to develop a solid strategy to halt the expansion of this invasive industry with localised activities that anyone can be a part of.

It’s been a hectic few months and there is a tremendous amount of work yet to be done, however I’m honoured by the financial support given to me by the community which allows me to focus on this full time.  We need to radically alter our perception of what ‘work’ is and provide sustainable opportunities for people to follow their passions and ‘work’ to solve the climate and justice crises we face.  The It’s Up 2 Us project is a small part of this process and for that I am grateful.

If you wish to contribute financially to my work for climate justice you can do so here.

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