Monthly Archives: July 2014

What will it take to create the change we wish to see?

During recent months I’ve been training in Climate Campaigning and Community Organising with The Change Agency.  It’s been an interesting few months and fantastic to develop skills and theory around what’s previously been intuitive. To create the change we need in bringing about a safe climate future (and a just world) we have no other option […]

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We certainly live in interesting times…

Yup, I admit it, I found myself cheering Clive Palmer at the National Press Club. And I even cheered Senator Ricky Muir (Senator?) of the motoring enthusiasts party. Despite the cognitive dissonance this is all causing, it is worth examining what’s happening and to look at how we can respond as activists and folks wanting […]

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words I’ve shared with our community recently

I’ve recently been using a new mailing system and have worked out how to share these communications here 🙂 So in case you haven’t seen them and are wondering what I’ve been up to in recent weeks you can see here and here.

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