Monthly Archives: May 2014

A day in the life of a climate campaigner

What a day.  It started fairly early with some emails and the obligatory review of media, articles and Facebook.  Seems there is much happening and to stay aware of. A few of us then met in Bayswater to hold up giant cornflakes.  Cornflakes I hear you cry!  What the? Well believe it or not agriculture […]

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Will We March Australia? Will we do what’s necessary?

Bill McKibben wrote an article in Rolling Stone magazine which popularised some science about climate change about 2 years ago. I read that article and my life literally altered. He’s an excellent writer and shares in a way that I believe moves life. Read his latest article here Will we respond and do what’s required?

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An update for contributors

When I took on being a full time climate campaigner I never realised the rollercoaster ride I was in for. I had no idea of the incredible people I would meet, the tremendous amount of information I’d be sifting through or the events I would be participating in.  Yikes! Here’s just a few highlights of […]

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