Ladies in Black: Immediate and Transformative Action is Needed at Every Level

ImageYesterday Tanyia and I headed to the Appeals Convenor to discuss the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision not to assess the exploratory Fracking of 4 wells in the Kimberley.

The meeting went well, but don’t be fooled into thinking that means we said anything that made a substantial difference.

You see the EPA have stated that the carbon emissions from this project are ‘insignificant’.  Only 130 tonnes over the 3 months they expect to be doing the exploration.

There are so many reasons that Fracking is a bad idea but for now let’s focus on Climate Change.  In 2 days time the IPCC will release their latest report which will focus on the impacts of Climate Change.

Already information is coming out about what it will contain and it’s frightening.  As stated in the British Medical Journal:

The IPCC warns of “tipping points” in the earth’s system, which, if crossed, could lead to a catastrophic collapse of interlinked human and natural systems. The AAAS concludes that there is now a “real chance of abrupt, unpredictable and potentially irreversible changes with highly damaging impacts on people around the globe.”

“This is an emergency. Immediate and transformative action is needed at every level: individual, local, and national; personal, political, and financial. Countries must set aside differences and work together as a global community for the common good, and in a way that is equitable and sensitive to particular challenges of the poorest countries and most vulnerable communities.

What we all do matters, not least in how it influences others.”

In this context 130 tonnes is not ‘insignificant’.  It’s dangerous and irresponsible.

Again from the article linked above:

“It is now widely understood that such a rise is “incompatible with an organised global community.”

Tanyia and I have both made some pretty major decisions over the past few months to prioritise our taking ‘transformative action’.  When we listen to the evidence and the warning calls of the scientists we understand that there is no option but to act.

As Prof Fiona Stanley said at a recent conference: “It’s not too late to, but it’s dangerously close to midnight”

My work as a Climate Campaigner is Crowd Funded.  Your contribution would be appreciated.


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