Western Australia the Epi-Centre of Global Climate Policy? Seriously?!

With the federal government adamant they are repealing Australia’s Climate Legislation the result of the upcoming Senate Election is critical.

But why is this of global concern?  Why are Merkel, Stern and Cameron watching the election? 

Major developed and developing countries are increasing their efforts to reduce climate change. The United States, China, Germany, the UK and France in particular are preparing for international decisions in Paris in 2015 that will focus on cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Current policies have us moving towards Australia playing its fair share in an increasing global effort with reasonable cost effectiveness.

If Australia repeals it’s Climate Policies we’ll be the first country in the world to do so.  

Not only is this a tremendous blow to domestic efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but will impact the international effort and the international negotiations in 2015.

Much is at stake.

So how do we negotiate the upcoming election?  If in WA obviously voting to protect and strengthen the current climate legislation is critical.  But how do we know who to vote for.  And with crazy preferencing and microparties how do we know where our vote will end up?

Luckily some good folk have been doing some of the analysis to make it a little easier.

Here you can find the Australian Conservation Foundations’s scorecard.  They’ve looked at 8 key policy areas and their results are probably not surprising.

And as far as where your vote will go if you vote above the line, check out this link.

I’ll post a link as soon as I have it for the climate policies of the microparties and Independents however please be really clear on preference flows before voting above the line for any microparty or Independent (in fact before you vote for anyone above the line).

If you want to hear from some of the Candidates standing for election there are 3 upcoming Senate Forums:

Sustainable Energy Now have a forum on 31st March

GetUp have a Forum on 30th March

And the Australian Institute of Management have a forum on the 29th March.

There’s also a Fracking Public Forum on the 28th March.

How much fun can you have in a weekend??

My work as a full time climate campaigner is crowd funded. To contribute to this fund please donate via this link.

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