A quick review of the past few weeks

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Yikes – where did the last few weeks go?

So a quick review:

2 weeks of Climate Campaigning and Community Organising training  courtesy of The Change Agency

This was the beginning of a 6 month training program which I’m lucky enough to participate in with 24 other campaigners across Australia.  We had an incredible facilitation team including a number of Climate and Coal campaigners from The Sierra Club. You can check out The Change Agency and the course I’m participating in here.

Professor Ross Garnaut and the WA Senate Election

During the past few weeks a small group of us have been working on a number of events where Professor Ross Garnaut will discuss Climate Change, local impacts and the economy.  In recent weeks Ross Garnaut, Ken Henry and Bernie Fraser have all spoken out against the Govt’s plans to repeal the current Climate Policies and many people around the world are urging Western Australians to vote against repeal in the Senate election. Check out this article, Tony Abbott or Ken Henry, Bernie Fraser and Ross Garnaut – who do you believe?


We’re gearing up for the National Day of Divestment where we’re calling on people to withdraw their money from banks who are funding Climate Change.  For more information and this you can check out this link and we’d love to see you join us on the 2nd and 3rd May.

We’re livestreaming Ben Caldecott’s Stranded Down Under event on the 1st April.  See the following articles here and here for discussion of his work.  Limited places so email Jaime@rraft.com.au if you want a place.

University Divestment

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been able to work with students at a number of our universities on both individual divestment campaigns and institutional campaigns.  We’re still in the early stages here in WA however this Sunday we are hosting a free training day for people wanting to get involved in a campaign at this campus.  To register RSVP here. 10am – 3pm 1 Alvan Street, Subiaco.

Climate and Child Health

The Doctors for the Environment conference happened last weekend where health practitioners from around Australia came to discuss Climate Change impacts on health.  I was involved in some background work for a presentation on Climate and Children’s health.  Some of the reading was both upsetting and shocking.  For some not so light reading check out this article from The Guardian

Alliance Building

Along with the excellent networking in Sydney at the beginning of this month with people from the Australian Conservation Foundation, 350 Volunteers and Staff, Greenpeace, Six Degrees, Quit Coal, Environment Victoria, Market Forces, The Sierra Club (and others) the past month has seen some incredible alliance building and collaboration.  I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with The Conservation Council of WA, The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Edith Cowan University Guild, Sustainable Energy Now, The Wilderness Society, GetUp and senior Aboriginal leaders.


I’ve been meeting some wonderful people who are wanting to volunteer with us at 350 and in the various campaigns I’m working on.  It’s exciting to be able to work with people who are committed and passionate about our future.  I’ve also been thoroughly inspired by the extraordinary effort 100’s of people have been putting into the Election campaign.

Together we are making a difference.

All of my climate work is crowd funded.  To contribute to the campaign please use this link.  Your donations are tax deductible.

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