Direct Action – Is Tony Abbott right about this one?

Some of you may know that the Greens and Labor have called a Senate Inquiry into the Direct Action Policy.  The intention of the inquiry is to examine the policy and question it’s ability to effectively replace the current suite of legislation called the Clean Energy Package.

So will Direct Action work?

I’ve been involved in writing submissions and approaching experts to write submissions to the inquiry, so have had the opportunity to read a fair bit about the latest research from climate scientists, economists and business leaders.

And I have to say I think Abbott’s got it right.  Direct Action will work, in fact we’re seeing it work already.

Now, I don’t mean The Direct Action Policy.  The policy is designed exceptionally well if the aim is to maintain “business as usual”.  By repealing the Clean Energy Package and replacing it with the Direct Action Policy we’ll have created an excellent opportunity for fossil fuel companies and their heavy co2 using friends to continue making massive profits with no accountability.  Of course the consequences will be felt by our communities and environment but that’s not really an issue when ‘growth at all costs’ is the mantra.

What I mean is the Direct Action as being taken by everyday people around the world.  The kind of Direct Action that includes people divesting their Superannuation Funds from fossil fuels.  Changing bank accounts and refusing to do business with those who cause such harm.  The Direct Action of taking to the streets to voice dissent when corporations have purchased democracy and science is being relegated to the status of an ‘elite opinion’.

I mean the direct action currently taking place in the Leard Forest resisting the coal mines which have been given approval against all credible science and evidence.

I mean the Direct Action that saw Woodside pull out of the Kimberley Project at James Price Point.  The Direct Action that recently caused delays in logging of the South West Forests of WA near Walpole where our government has approved the felling of ancient trees, again against all credible science.

It’s everyday people, like you and me taking whatever direct action we can that will cause the ship to continue turning.  The Climate Council just shared an image on their facebook saying that ‘Australia now has almost 2 million small scale solar systems’.  That’s a lot of Direct Action.

So for the first time in a while I find myself agreeing with Tony Abbott.  It’s time for Direct Action.

So what can people get up to?  If you haven’t already Divested your own finances – get onto it!  If you want to train in Non Violent Direct Action and explore what stepping it up may look like for you in 2014 then here’s a link to our next training in WA.

There’s heaps going on that you can get involved in, feel free to get in touch via the comments or by emailing me if you want to discuss your specific skills and interests.

Right now the movement is calling out for people to assist in addressing climate change.  Whether it’s resisting the fracking about to happen in various locations in WA or contacting politicians and telling them that the Direct Action Policy is insufficient and we need to ‘aim higher on climate’.  Right now people are needed for a camp at North Walpole where they are working to slow down and stop the logging of our Forests.  Perhaps you want to host a movie night at your house, or a ‘divestment dinner’.

It really is time for Direct Action and ‘it’s up 2 us’.

My work on Climate Change is crowd funded.  To contribute a one off or monthly amount please do so through this link.

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