Launch Day

Well, it really is up 2 us now.  This is the first day I’ll be working solely for the climate and future generations, without having to consider whether I’ll be paid.  It’s exciting and inspiring to have freed myself up both financially and emotionally to do what’s strategic and useful, rather than what’ll pay.

It’s exciting to be able to bring my skills and passion to this cause without justifications or apology.   Thanks to our wonderful community we’ve raised enough to cover my basic costs for the coming few months – we’ll continue to raise money throughout the duration of the project.

So what will I be up to in coming weeks?

This past Wednesday 350 Perth (I’m one of the co co-ordinators) in partnership with Australian Ethical, CPSU/CSA, Eco Week and the Conservation Council hosted an extraordinary Divestment Forum.  Over a hundred participants heard from gifted speakers about the Divestment campaign – how it applies to them and how they can take decisive action to divest their $’s and energy from the destructive fossil fuel companies and invest in solutions (here’s a great report about stranded carbon assets).  We hosted training a few weeks ago with approx 50 people interested in setting up institutional campaigns to Divest and to go to work on eroding the social license of the fossil fuel companies.

So the coming weeks will see me working to ensure that the good ideas and inspiration from those events can turn into practical action.  We’re also going to be encouraging customers to switch their banks and engaging in some exciting shareholder activism.

I’ll be meeting with campaigners working on the GetUp rally on November the 17th to see how I can assist in having it be an incredible event and exploring how we can build the pressure on the Fed Govt in preparation for the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change later in November.

I’m meeting with a number of Aboriginal leaders to explore how we can continue to develop the grass roots resistance to fossil fuels whilst being culturally sensitive and addressing the social justice concerns of communities most likely to be impacted and I’ll continue to mentor young activists in their work.

I’m lucky enough to have been invited to a discussion on how we can work to resist the repeal of the clean energy package and will be working with campaigners and activists from various areas to plan our upcoming strategies.

I’ll also be engaged in numerous conversations and projects around climate and health.  How does our health system climate proof itself and what responsibility do health care providers have in addressing climate change and advocating for strong action.

Each week I’ll update on this blog and I’m always happy to answer specific queries.

It’s going to be an interesting and diverse few weeks – I look forward to being in touch and working with so many inspiring folk.

If my skills as a facilitator or trainer could be of use get in touch and I love any opportunity to speak in front of an audience 🙂 specially if I get a microphone.

And if you haven’t chipped in and would like to you can donate here

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