It’s heating up!

There’s been a tremendous amount of commentary on whether it’s appropriate to discuss climate change during the extreme fires we’ve been experiencing in NSW.  Here’s a particularly great article from Adam Bandt who prompted a lot of the latest discussion:

When we experience traumatic events we create meaning both individually and as a society.  The meaning we create dictates the actions we take, how we think and how we feel.  It’s critical that we reclaim the narrative of climate change back from the deniers and contrarians and ensure that the meaning we create as a society is empowering.  This must include addressing the causes of extreme fires and our response to them.  Yes we do live in a nation of extreme weather.  And as our population grows and our emissions rise leading to higher temperatures and shifts in rain patterns it will become more extreme for more people.  Fires can be scary and dangerous.  It’s time for us all to bring our heads from under the sand and address our unmitigated extreme carbon emissions and prepare our communities for what’s coming.

We are now in a time of adaption – but let’s not forget mitigating the worst effects – dismantling the Clean Energy Bill and it’s associated programs will be seen through the light of history to be a severe case of criminal negligence.  Can we make our voices heard before it’s repealed?  Feel free to comment on how you think we can pull our society back from the brink.

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