26 days to go – urgency and sustainability

So we have 26 days to go on the first part of this campaign – the crowd funding section.

It’s been a slow and gentle start – partly because I’ve been visiting family and welcoming my new nephew into the world (he’s so incredibly cute and adorable) and because I’ve been training educators and community leaders in how to work with primary school kids in bringing about a just, sustainable and thriving world in the middle of a beautiful forest with no internet.  And partly because many of our team have been dealing with the outcome of the election and those good ‘ole change of season colds.

One of the conversations we tackled in our training last week was how do we ensure our own sustainability, slow down, be gentle on ourselves and our planet and address the urgency of climate change?  In a way we’re all dealing with this at times, the team on this campaign are dealing with it now – how do we remain calm and fulfilled and raise the funds we’ve set out to?

Part of it is the difference between commitment and attachment.  I know we can work together to achieve a safe climate and to create a just, sustainable and thriving world however, I don’t know exactly how this will happen (I have ideas but no one person or one group/philosophy has the complete solution).

When I get attached I get stuck, resistant, upset and frustrated – and I’m no fun to work/play with.  So that ever ongoing practice of commitment and non attachment.  That combined with an excellent community, team members who are committed beyond measure and our taking care of ourselves and our community assists.

Then there are the little practices – making sure we eat well, rest well and play well.  For some it may be meditation, for others a regular walk with the trees, birds and other critters.

Feel free to comment on your practice – as the temperature rises and the politics shift it’s something we’ll all need to get our head around.

And so with that in mind we have 26 days to raise about $23k.  The Climate Council did over a million in 1 week – OK so they have a much bigger profile – but can we do this?  I know we can – now it’s time to have this hit reality.  If you can assist in any way please do – whether that’s by donating, spreading the word or something else we’d appreciate your contribution – after all – it’s up 2 us now!

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