We’re live

Well, that’s it.  We’re live.  It’s exciting and a little daunting but there’s no turning back now.  Already we’ve had some wonderful people make a contribution.  So for all of you who visit this site – welcome and thank you.

It’s late – I should probably go to bed, before I start getting even more sentimental and post stuff my campaign team will want me to pull down for being too soppy 🙂

Huge thanks to Emma Jack, Tara Devine, Dot Green and various others who wish to remain anonymous for being the first of our community to contribute financially.

And big thanks to Alisha and the Ambassadors who will work with me over the coming months to pull this crazy project over the line.  To Sheridan, Fiona, Lozz, Mel, Gina & Lucy your time and energy is appreciated.


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